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Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic game
Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic
Solve the mystery in this solitaire detective game!

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Cardboard Castle game
Cardboard Castle
Become a fearless knight!
Shiver: Poltergeist Collector's Edition game
Shiver: Poltergeist Collector's Edition
Explore your new manor!
Happy Chef game
Happy Chef
Develop expert culinary skills!
Road Trip USA game
Road Trip USA
A Classic Hidden Object Game.
Haunted Train: Clashing Worlds game
Haunted Train: Clashing Worlds
Next stop: a phenomenal adventure!

Free object game downloads by popularity

Here you can find and download for free the best and most popular object games, such as Abra Academy: Returning Cast, Smash Frenzy 4, Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold, Shop-n-Spree, Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis, and more.

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Date newest (oldest) | Popularity (reverse) | Name (Z-A) | Genre (Z-A) | Size smallest (largest)
Abra Academy: Returning Cast game
Object game 75 MB
Abra Academy: Returning Cast
November 30, -0001
Creatures are attacking Abra Academy and it`s up to you to help Wanda investigate the attacks and restore order to Abra Academy! more…
Smash Frenzy 4 game
Object game 38 MB
Smash Frenzy 4 (Arcade games)
Battle aliens and save the human race from total destruction in Smash Frenzy 4! Get hooked on this mind-blowing 3D smash 'em up more…
Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold game
Object game 241 MB
Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold
November 30, -0001
Help Maggie Gold track down her ex-husband`s murderer! Explore a huge casino to find the secrets left behind by Freddy! more…
Shop-n-Spree game
Object game 40 MB
November 30, -0001
Save the family store in this unique mix of Time Management and Hidden Object gameplay! more…
Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis game
Object game 165 MB
Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis
November 30, -0001
An ancient artifact could hold the key to the Senses, and it’s up to Samantha to keep it from being exploited! more…
Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island game
Object game 130 MB
Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island
November 30, -0001
Help world-renowned scientist Chanel Flores explore a mysterious island that has appeared in the Bermuda Triangle! more…
Season Match 2 game
Object game 20 MB
Season Match 2
November 30, -0001
Battle Prince January and bring the celebration of seasons back to the Fairytale Kingdom! more…
Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure game
Object game 137 MB
Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure
November 30, -0001
Rangy Lil is the star attraction of Pecos Bill`s a circus, and must now track down her missing daughters! more…
Righteous Kill game
Object game 106 MB
Righteous Kill
November 30, -0001
Inspired by the Hollywood film, Righteous Kill follows the events surrounding a series of murders in this Hidden Object adventure. more…
Rainbow Web 2 game
Object game 25 MB
Rainbow Web 2
November 30, -0001
Rid the Rainbow Kingdom of evil by matching gems, finding hidden objects, and solving puzzles. more…

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