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Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic game
Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic
Solve the mystery in this solitaire detective game!

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Cardboard Castle game
Cardboard Castle
Become a fearless knight!
Shiver: Poltergeist Collector's Edition game
Shiver: Poltergeist Collector's Edition
Explore your new manor!
Happy Chef game
Happy Chef
Develop expert culinary skills!
Road Trip USA game
Road Trip USA
A Classic Hidden Object Game.
Haunted Train: Clashing Worlds game
Haunted Train: Clashing Worlds
Next stop: a phenomenal adventure!

Free object game downloads by popularity

Here you can find and download for free the best and most popular object games, such as Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny, Little Noir Stories: The Case of the Missing Girl, Liong: The Lost Amulets, Book of Legends, Island: The Lost Medallion, and more.

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Date newest (oldest) | Popularity (reverse) | Name (Z-A) | Genre (Z-A) | Size smallest (largest)
Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny game
Object game 68 MB
Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny
November 30, -0001
Investigate an ancient temple, a sunken ship, and gloomy catacombs on your journey and unveil the stunning mystery of an island! more…
Little Noir Stories: The Case of the Missing Girl game
Object game 138 MB
Little Noir Stories: The Case of the Missing Girl
November 30, -0001
Lured to an old building by a puzzling picture, two Private Investigators step in to solve the mystery and find a missing girl! more…
Liong: The Lost Amulets game
Object game 38 MB
Liong: The Lost Amulets (Puzzle games)
November 30, -0001
Classic Mahjong strategy and Hidden Object game play come together in this far-east mystical puzzler. more…
Book of Legends game
Object game 88 MB
Book of Legends
November 30, -0001
Join Zoe and Charleston Black as they unravel a powerful and ancient Arthurian legend in this gripping Hidden Object game! more…
Island: The Lost Medallion game
Object game 166 MB
Island: The Lost Medallion
November 30, -0001
An archeologist comes home from an expedition with an ancient medallion. The next day she goes missing and James must save her! more…
I SPY Fun House game
Object game 174 MB
I SPY Fun House
November 30, -0001
Explore a carnival full of brain-teasing illusions in this Hidden Object game! more…
Holly: A Christmas Tale Deluxe game
Object game 43 MB
Holly: A Christmas Tale Deluxe
November 30, -0001
Help Santa find the items he needs on Christmas Eve! Let Holly: A Christmas Tale fill you with the spirit of the season! more…
Hidden Wonders of the Depths game
Object game 25 MB
Hidden Wonders of the Depths (Puzzle games)
November 30, -0001
Navigate your way through an underwater world with a liquid mix of Mahjong, Hidden Object, and Match 3 delight. more…
Heroes of Hellas game
Object game 19 MB
Heroes of Hellas
November 30, -0001
Easy to learn and challenging to master, Heroes of Hellas offers an unforgettable adventure through a magical time. more…
Haunted Hotel game
Object game 44 MB
Haunted Hotel (Mystery games)
November 30, -0001
Check in to the spooky Haunted Hotel and immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure! more…

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